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From Goran Oberg <go...@dc.luth.se>
Subject Re: Apache 1.3.2 Released
Date Wed, 23 Sep 1998 17:03:36 GMT
> Apache 1.3.2 Released
> =====================
> Please see the CHANGES_1.3 file in the same directory for a full
> list of changes.  The distribution is also available via any of
> the mirrors listed at
>     http://www.apache.org/mirrors/

Hi all,

I think the .htaccess file in the /dist/-directory might cause some
trouble around the world.

I got several reports today from users, eager to get their hands
on the newly released 1.3.2, that they couldn't access

The problem was that there were directives in the .htacces-file that my
somewhat dated apache didn't grok. I have been in the process of
stepping up to 1.3.2 and new releases of mysql and php the last couple
of days. The problem went away, of course, when I completed the upgrade
earlier today.

However, I ran a quick scan of the different HTTP-mirrors listed at
<URL:http://www.apache.org/mirrors/> and found that out of 84 mirrors
only 29 (about a third) were able to give a listing of the

Here's a list of the different apache-versions used at different places:

I don't know if someone in the apache team would like to contact the
mirror-administrators and explain wats need to be done or if this
heads-up is sufficient (if this mail reaches all on mirrors@apache.org,
that is).

Alternatively, the .htaccess-files could be made less version-dependent
to enable the mirrors to work properly. I'm not sure on how this should
be done though. It will have to be a trade-off between functionality and
backward compability.

If someone wants to do their own filtering, here's the raw data from my
lwp-request loop over the mirror-sites: <URL:http://www.luth.se/~goggi/



 Göran Öberg <goggi@dc.luth.se>        <URL:http://www.luth.se/~goggi/>
 Computer Support Center                       Adm./CoAdm. of
 Luleå University, SWEDEN         {www,proxy,{www,apache}.dc,ftp}.luth.se

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