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From Dean Gaudet <dgaudet-list-apache-mirr...@arctic.org>
Subject rsync
Date Fri, 10 Jul 1998 00:15:24 GMT
[duh, messed up the mirrors@apache.org addr... sorry for the folks seeing
this twice]

... am I missing something?  "rsync -a" doesn't seem to be a safe option
to be recommending for automatic mirroring. 

-a is the same as -rlptDg ... here's what I have issue with: 

-l copies symlinks verbatim (i.e. a link to /etc/passwd would be created
   on the mirror machine, which is very undesirable...)

-D copies devices.  Of course nobody would be running their mirror as
   root though, so this isn't as big a problem.

I'm personally not going to use the recommended "-a", I'm going to use
only "-rt".  Of the other flags:

-p is not required on a public mirror -- permissions should be 755 or
   644 as appropriate anyhow, and the umask can guarantee that.

-g is not required on a public mirror, because groups probably have
   disjoint meanings  (doesn't matter, you're not mirroring as root)

I suppose -a is somewhat safe for folks running inside a chrooted ftpd,
but if you've got a non-chrooted httpd serving the filespace... well... 
you gotta be careful anyhow ;) 

Suggestion:  a symlink option which turns abs symlinks into relative
symlinks, and which doesn't permit relative symlinks to go above the root
of the destination. 

Here's what I'm using to mirror ftp.apache.org: 

rsync -rtvz --delete --exclude incoming dev.apache.org::apache-site /ftp/pub/apache

Looks cool. 


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