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From Eric Gauthier <e...@samantha.dreamcatchers.net>
Subject Re: Mirroring apache using rsync
Date Sun, 12 Jul 1998 00:47:17 GMT
Hey all...

>This seems a more general issue about mirrors accessible outside
>chroot env, though. 

I haven't set up rsync yet and I'm not completely familiar with
"chroot", but couldn't you just cron the chroot in with the rsync
command?  Does anyone know the particulars of the chroot command
enough to comment on the pros/cons?  Something like:

chroot /home/ftp/archive rsync -avz --delete --exclude incoming www.apache.org::apache-site/
chroot /home/ftp/archive foo.out, where foo.out is the name of the
shell executing rsync...

Just my $0.02...

 -- Eric

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