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From FTP Administration <ftp...@it.net.au>
Subject Re: updated how-to-mirror.html page
Date Sat, 11 Jul 1998 12:41:12 GMT
Karsten Thygesen said:
> Just run it - if the timestamps is the only difference in the files,
> then it will not transfer anything but just reset the timestamp. That
> it the whole point with rsync - it only transfers changes.

Okay, I'll disable that particular mirror tonight and let rsync do its
stuff.  Even if most of the site does get refetched for some reason,
it shouldn't hurt too much.  :)

> But how did you see, that it would delete your files? Are you sure,
> that the content of your directory is the same as the one you mirrors
> (path differences).?

I piped the output of my dry run into a file, and had a look at it a
bit later to see what rsync had to say ...

I would say that my mirror.pl -maintained mirror isn't up to snuff, as
lots of things look like deleting them is the correct thing.

> mirror.pl mirrors using the timestamp it can fetch by the ftp
> protocol. The resolution is one minute, but rsync can mirror using a
> resolution of only one second, and that it why, that all files
> timestamp will be touched during the first mirror.

Okay.  :)

Well, I'm reasonably confident that rsync will do a better job than
mirror.pl (whose time is pretty much up, in my unvaunted opinion).  I
have started rsync for real now (no more dry runs) and I'll watch its
progress as it continues to update the mirror over the next few days ...



Andrew Shugg
FTP Administrator         E-mail:  ftpadm@it.net.au
Informed Technology       Web:     http://www.it.net.au/

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