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From Kent Landfield <k...@landfield.com>
Subject Re: Apache Mirror Update (fwd)
Date Mon, 20 Apr 1998 16:29:25 GMT
Brian, Doug,

# At 08:20 PM 4/20/98 +1200, Doug MacEachern wrote:
# >Brian Behlendorf wrote:
# >
# >> Any idea why the files in the perl tree get "updated" all the time?
# >>
# >
# >This one looks like the move the modperl-site CVS tree.  As for the
# others, when
# >I upload the latest mod_perl, I also rm -rf dist/mod_perl-x.xx/ and unpack
# the
# >new release, in /dist (/src is a symlink to /dist).  I can stop doing the
# >distribution unpack if you want, I just though it was handy for folks to
# browse
# >who don't want to download the lot.
# Okay, this is a good reason - we've talked about doing this for apache
# distributions too.

This is not a problem here. I just wanted to know if this was intended
behavior. As it is then I will not worry about it.  Thanks.

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