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From "Karsten W. Rohrbach" <rohrb...@nacamar.net>
Subject Re: some updates
Date Mon, 16 Jun 1997 11:22:17 GMT
i think this is only possible if the client sets the referer correct,
isnt it? nice idea btw. on the other hand, why cgi? we are using modules
since quite a while now in-house, and it worked out to be pretty fast.
the most used module is php/fi which makes perl based cgi scripts

brian, how about the idea with splitting the document servers onto dns
round robins with country pre/postfixes? like www.eu.apache.org,
www.us.apache.org,... then a central server processor.apache.org which has
a) some customized module for handling all that stuff that needs to be
generated or
b) some apache 1.2 with php/fi (thats what i use here)

i dont know, but would it make sense to port bugdb.cgi to a serverside
inline language? any ideas?

btw, does the core team use cvsup? i already mentioned this before, it
would be a nice way of having things mirrored.

take care,

On Fri, 13 Jun 1997, Hank Hughes wrote:

> 	Yikes, holy mail wars!
> 	How about the PERL/CPAN methodology?
> 	The mirror sites point all pivotal sections to *.cgi scripts
> 	back to the mother ship: apache.org.  then send "appropriate"
> 	info back to the requestor looking for the closer node.
> 	For instance, list.cgi does not have to be mirrored but the
> 	documentation/src that are mirrored should point to apache.org's
> 	list.cgi. I'm probably not making any sense without sleep. So,
> 	take a look at the way PERL/CPAN handles it's mirror:
> 	ftp.funet.fi/pub/languages/perl/CPAN/
> 	and our mirror which contians links that are requests for 
> 	"directions" from it's home site.
> 	ftp.ccs.neu.edu/net/mirrors/ftp.funet.fi/pub/languages/perl/CPAN/
> 	Sleeep,
> 	-Hank

With best regards,
Karsten W. Rohrbach

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