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From Ira Abramov <...@scso.com>
Subject Re: some updates
Date Fri, 13 Jun 1997 10:19:32 GMT
On Fri, 13 Jun 1997, Brian Behlendorf wrote:

> One other thing this has brought up - apparently some mirrors are not
> preserving file permissions, so some of the CGI's are apprently not
> executable.  In addition, the "index.cgi" in the /mirrors/ directory
> is not being executed.  Looks like we have two more dependencies:
> .cgi being able to run anywhere
> DirectoryIndex index
> Options Multiviews turned on.
> Eek.  This fancy mirror strategy is looking to be a boondoggle.  What
> do you all think?

for better service you need more complicated setups. it's not a lot of
work, just a small change in the configs and well worth the bother. All
for the promotion of GNU software and Bill's demise :-)

> > I hope I'm not out of my line here: is this method at all realistic for
> > this use? sounds to me like a cool way to mirror joe's page of jokes, not
> > a busy site such as Apache is.
> Not out of line at all.  In theory, this should be a very slick

Many surfers -> many hits -> slower response -> nervous surfers clicking
"reload" a lot -> cache server polls master site again (and no expire
headers will help here).

My apache mirror doesn't take binary distribs and old sources, just the
website, latest sources and the contrib, I think 6 megs cover most of my
pollers' needs. not worth hacking around the proxy configuration for this,

> Right.  I am so used to sprinkling .cgi's throughout the site, I
> didn't even think about that.  I had abolished /cgi-bin/ long ago :)
> The problem is that if we do that, everyone will have a different
> /cgi-bin/ directory they'll have to configure, since many people have
> their apache mirror a few directory levels down.  That will make
> several things difficult.

ok, sprinkled style script setup (SSSS from now on? :) it is. Throw in the
.htaccess files, make sure over-ride is permited, add one line in
pmirror's config, hey presto.

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