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From Brian Behlendorf <br...@organic.com>
Subject Re: some updates
Date Fri, 13 Jun 1997 09:11:10 GMT
On Fri, 13 Jun 1997, Wojtek Sylwestrzak wrote:
> Most of the bigger caches I know try not to cache cgi scripts
> (based on regex against the url of the cached object). Because
> they are afraid cgi means dynamic contents that might not be
> intended for caching.

Hmm, that's a bad decision, as some CGI output is eminantly cacheable.
The CGI author should be responsible for setting appropriate
last-modified or expires headers.  

> one more remark on caching - it's important that mirrors
> look *exactly* the same as the original site (that's why
> we call them 'mirrors' after all :-))
> Because some caches try to redirect to local resources.
> E.g. I redirect all cache users in Poland to our mirror
> of www.apache.org (this is done on a top level national cache),
> so that when a request for http://www.apache.org/ comes to the cache,
> it substitutes it with http://sunsite.icm.edu.pl/pub/www/apache/
> (so it's actually not a redirect but contents substitution).

That's also not a wise move.  How does the bug database work?


No wonder we haven't gotten any user complaints from Poland :)


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