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From Brian Behlendorf <br...@hyperreal.com>
Subject some updates
Date Fri, 13 Jun 1997 02:30:35 GMT

The release of 1.2.0 caused an unprecedented amount of traffic on our
site; so much so that the bandwidth provider for www.apache.org has
begun to grumble.  To address this, we have taken some measures to bolster
the effectiveness of the site in supporting mirrors:

1) The home page has been rearranged to make the mirror link more

2) The "Download" link has been turned into a CGI script which selects
from the list of mirrors those most appropriate for your domain, based
upon the country-code of the requesting agent.  This list is also
randomized to rotate priority between the selected mirrors. If it can't
find any it gives you a default listing of the US addresses.  

3) The "List of mirror sites" has also been turned into a CGI script.

4) I have turned on "Expires" headers for the whole site, meaning content
will stay in proxy caches (and ideally, ProxyPass-based mirrors) for 24
hours after being accessed.  

This of course has some interesting ramifications:

1) We will now be running CGI scripts on mirror sites.  Previously all CGI
scripts, such as the search field and bug database, had an explicit link
back to www.apache.org.  These CGI scripts only rely upon perl 4 (or 5)
being at "/usr/local/bin/perl".  Is this a problem?

2) Sites which pull down their content via ProxyPass will not have
dynamically generated mirror pages, though they should be cacheable.

There may be more issues brought up by this than I anticipated - let's
discuss them here.  Thanks again to everyone for providing mirror sites,
hopefully the storm will die down soon.


brian@hyperreal.com     http://www.apache.org     http://www.organic.com/jobs

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