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From Wojtek Sylwestrzak <W.Sylwestr...@icm.edu.pl>
Subject Re: some updates
Date Fri, 13 Jun 1997 10:34:49 GMT
> Well, we could invent a new DNS name, say "bugdb.apache.org" or
> "dynamic.apache.org", which doesn't get remapped; the other side of
> the coin is a "docs.apache.org" or "download.apache.org" which can
> definitely be remapped.  Hmm, I think I lean towards
> "dynamic.apache.org".  

I'd vote for dynamic.apache.org, too.

Get in shoes of a naive user for a while.
He wants to go for www.apache.org, not anywhere else.
That's why it's better to remap www.apache.org, not docs.apache.org.



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