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From Wojtek Sylwestrzak <W.Sylwestr...@icm.edu.pl>
Subject Re: some updates
Date Fri, 13 Jun 1997 08:47:59 GMT
> Not out of line at all.  In theory, this should be a very slick way of
> mirroring a site.  A request comes to you for the front page, you
> query the Apache site for it, and then return it - the next request
> which comes in gets the cached copy.  No worrying about cgi
> configurations, etc.  The 24 hour DefaultExpire I've set on
> www.apache.org content should mean that the oldest content gets is 24
> hours.  We can tune that depending on how well it works, or how close
> we are to a major release, etc.

Most of the bigger caches I know try not to cache cgi scripts
(based on regex against the url of the cached object). Because
they are afraid cgi means dynamic contents that might not be
intended for caching.

one more remark on caching - it's important that mirrors
look *exactly* the same as the original site (that's why
we call them 'mirrors' after all :-))
Because some caches try to redirect to local resources.
E.g. I redirect all cache users in Poland to our mirror
of www.apache.org (this is done on a top level national cache),
so that when a request for http://www.apache.org/ comes to the cache,
it substitutes it with http://sunsite.icm.edu.pl/pub/www/apache/
(so it's actually not a redirect but contents substitution).


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