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From Kent Landfield <k...@landfield.com>
Subject Re: Welcome to the Apache Mirror Maintainers mailing list
Date Mon, 21 Apr 1997 18:45:27 GMT
# i think the main problem we got in mirroring is the uncoordinated download
# stuff from one mirror to another mirror to another mirror, people
# mirroring without asking first from where and so on...

I'm sorry, I missed the requirements in the info/how-to-mirror.html file
that stated I needed to ask first. 

# afaik, cvsup has a mechanism to restrict certain download actions - and it
# would be nice for the core team to maintain the master source tree, too

We may be talking about two different things here.  Core team should have
CVS access if you are discussing development enhancements.  This is different
from the requirements of a mirror site.  That was what I was talking about

If there are requirements for mirroring that are not listed in the 
info/how-to-mirror.html page then I suggest they be added.  Please,
I'm not trying to be a pain in the backside. I am trying to understand
the mirroring concerns.  I have been managing archives on the net for
many years now and I always try to do what the site documents as the
appropriate procedures.

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