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From Carlos Rovira <carlosrov...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Apache Royale website] About to host static html site
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2017 21:38:32 GMT

just moving and refresh this thread a little so we could get some advice on
how to proceed.



2017-11-01 22:53 GMT+01:00 Carlos Rovira <carlosrovira@apache.org>:

> Hi,
> this past days we explore the wordpress.com path to host Apache Royale
> website and is not valid to us due to limitations in the plans with themes
> and plugins support. So we want to go a more simple way:
> We want to generate a static html site from the royale.codeoscopic.com
> instance and upload to our apache royale website repo that finaly will be
> accessed vía royale.apache.org url.
> Our main concern here is that the current html site will have some
> comercial code and for this reason we agree in ask here. In concrete the
> site will include code from Movedo Theme [1].
> Donate a license for a site (that's what we want to do), is easy. We just
> need to pay a one shot of 39$ (if we do this days since it's on sale right
> now) or 59$ (if we do this more later).
> So, as we are not uploading source code of movedo (that implies PHP files
> based on wordpress APIs) and instead we'll be uploading the resultant
> output (HTML/CSS/JS), that is equal generate by any other site using a
> movedo license, I state that this should not generate any legal problem.
> Any of this files will be as well available to the general public only
> browsing the site and anybody could get that code due to the public nature
> of the format itself. The same will happen to any other user of movedo
> theme.
> So our vision is that upload that generated code to our repo to be served
> as royale.apache.org is not violating any license and is secure in legal
> terms.
> Hope someone could review the legal terms and could let us know if we are
> on the right track.
> Thanks in advance
> [1] Movedo Theme url: https://themeforest.net/item/
> movedo-we-do-move-your-world/17923709
> --
> Carlos Rovira
> http://about.me/carlosrovira

Carlos Rovira

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