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From Kyle Mitchell <k...@kemitchell.com>
Subject Re: license zero
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2017 23:24:41 GMT

Thanks for your message.

License Zero's noncommercial license clearly falls outside
the Open Source Definition.  I've been careful to say as
much in public writing, from the get-go.  As under
"Departure" here:


As folks have fed back, alas, I've found myself caring a
great deal more than my audience.  Some of those enthused
are "new kids", I suppose.  But some of those new kids know
about OSD, DFSG, and "What is free software?", too.

I don't mean to bear down on a sore subject.  Only to let on
that L0 comes from perhaps a more informed place than seems
at first blush.  Especially when someone else is kind enough
to broach, perhaps not quite as I would.

Exhibit 1: License Zero's reciprocal license is currently on
OSI's license-review.  It's been revised a few times in
response to feedback, including some from the list.

By the by, the possibility of OSD conformance without OSI
approval has come up repeatedly.  L0-R attempts to implement
copyleft in a stronger way than seen before, in a different
way than seen before.  That's prompting interesting
conversations on scope of permissible conditions, whether
"field of use" reads on specific software methodologies as
opposed to end uses, and how AGPL fits in all of that.

"Apache License" is fairly well synonymous with
business-friendly, enterprise-style, highly permissive
license terms.  I use it myself, and recommend it often,
when goals coincide.

I'd love to engage you and others here in Apache Land on L0.
But as I mentioned, I'd be very, very surprised to see
L0-licensed software in or out of the Foundation.  That
should be clear before anyone's too generous with their

Kyle Mitchell, attorney // Oakland // (510) 712 - 0933

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