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From Steve Lawrence <slawre...@apache.org>
Subject Apache Daffodil Incubation Code Donation
Date Tue, 19 Sep 2017 12:38:37 GMT
The Daffodil project recently entered incubation and is currently
working getting the SGA's/CLA's signed and donating the code to ASF, but
could use some clarification. For background and a little more detailed
information on where we are at, we have a thread on dev@daffodil.a.o here:


The quick overview is that we have 4 main contributors, plus some
relatively minor contributions from other entities.

The main contributors are the National Center for Super Computing
Applications (NCSA), Tresys Technology, IBM, and Michael Beckerle. We
are working to get SGA's in place for these entities and we think this
will cover the majority the the Daffodil codebase.

The other contributors include members of the Navy Research Lab (NRL),
the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), and the Department of Defense (DoD).
Our understanding is that these contributions are from the US federal
government and so are Public Domain. As such, does this mean that
SGA/CLA's are not required for their contributions? Do the SGA's need to
mention this? We have since lost contact with these entities so getting
an SGA in place may require some extra effort/delay if required.

Related to the SGA effort, some files (specifically a library called
"passera", snippets from the Scala library, and test examples taken from
a specification) in the Daffodil codebase were not authored by any of
the above entities, but were included in Daffodil with a permissive
license like BSD. Since these licenses will not change and will not be
covered by the SGA's, is there a standard text to clarify that the SGA
does not cover these files? Does the SGA need to specifically list the
files need, or is something more broad like "This SGA covers the code in
the Daffodil git repository located at URL tagged as TAGNAME, excluding
the passera library, the Scala library, and code examples from
specification XYZ" sufficient?

- Steve

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