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From Shane Curcuru <...@shanecurcuru.org>
Subject Re: 4-Clause BSD now disallowed?
Date Wed, 19 Jul 2017 17:51:13 GMT
Pedro Giffuni wrote on 7/19/17 11:35 AM:
> The ASF, of course, may choose it's own internal policies but I just
> don't see what the problem with the advertisement clause may be: it's
> basically just a matter of adding a note to the NOTICE file which we
> have to do for Eclipse and other licenses which classify under Category
> B. Oh ... but IANAL.

Presuming you're talking about the original BSD 4-clause


It specifies:

"3. All advertising materials mentioning features or use of this

Where "All advertising materials" is a far broader attribution
requirement than "keep a copy of the NOTICE file" which is what the
ASF's intent is for asking for attribution.

So I see your point, but reading that version of the license it includes
a clear additional restriction on redistribution than the AL does, thus,
the ASF does not allow use in our projects.


- Shane

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