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From Ran Ziv <...@gigaspaces.com>
Subject A few questions about creating a release
Date Tue, 20 Jun 2017 09:21:27 GMT
I have a few quick questions about creating a release for a (Python)
incubator project:

1) According to these links: 1
 2 <http://incubator.apache.org/incubation/Incubation_Policy.html#Releases>
Incubating projects must have "Incubating" in the "final file name". I
might be missing something, but I assume the meaning is the final tarball
(source distribution) or wheel (binary distribution) file.
This is unconventional and not compatible with PyPI - and indeed it seems
like other Apache Incubator projects don't adhere to it (see Airflow
Am I missing something, or perhaps this is simply not relevant for Python

2) According to this
LICENSE and NOTICE must be located in all release packages, including
binary distributions. I've looked much into this and I couldn't find a good
way of bundling these files inside the wheel format - except for manually
pushing them inside after creating the wheel perhaps.
The section speaks of a "customary location for licensing materials" -
However, for the wheel format there's no such "customary location".
I tried looking into what other Apache projects do about this, and indeed
the libcloud project doesn't have these files in their wheel package.
Is this acceptable, or should we manually place these files inside the
wheel package - Or perhaps there's a different way to do this I have not

3) Is the convention for a project X to be named on PyPI "apache-X"? Is
this mandatory? I haven't seen any explicit rules about this, but I might
have missed those.

Thank you,

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