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From "Eric Friedrich (efriedri)" <efrie...@cisco.com>
Subject Traffic Control Podling Bundled Dependencies
Date Wed, 17 May 2017 00:57:05 GMT
Hello Apache Legal-

  The Traffic Control incubator podling would like to use some third party open source code
to help us manage some databases in our project (https://bitbucket.org/liamstask/goose/).
This tool and its dependencies all fall into the Category A bucket (AL, MIT, BSD)

Unfortunately, this tool appears to no longer be maintained and there is concern that the
source may disappear at some point. Also, many of our users would like to build and install
without requiring Internet access to retrieve and compile the goose tool.

We have considered duplicating (copying) goose source in our code, but it is 375k lines of
code and would require constant updating if the tool or its dependencies change.

From a licensing and Apache release standpoint, is the following approach allowed:
- Do not commit a copy of the goose source into the traffic control repo
- In our source release artifact, include the source code for goose and all of its dependencies
(and appropriate modifications to LICENSE/NOTICE). This source will be dynamically downloaded
from bitbucket/github at release time.
- Our Build/Install process will build from this version of goose instead of retrieving it
from Internet
- If we choose to produce convenience binaries, we will include the goose binary in the convenience
- If goose’s bitbucket repo is ever deleted, we can then import code from a previous release
tarball into our repo for preservation.

Our goal is not to fork the goose project (although the owner has given permission to do so[1]).
Rather we want to ensure the availability of that source code so that our release package
is always usable in the future.
We are also proposing the above behavior for goose and all of its dependencies, some of which
are still actively developed.


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