On Sat, Apr 29, 2017 at 7:51 PM Jim Jagielski <jim@jagunet.com> wrote:
One thing I was just reminded about by Henri Yandell is that OSI is now
occasionally approving new licenses, after years of hold the fort against
license proliferation.

And I believe this is the root of the issue.  I can agree, and generally feel more comfortable, using software that is OSI approved.  It has been a huge asset for a number of internal reasons to look at a list of dependencies, say its (mostly) all OSI approved, and being able to explain the few exceptions.

However, if OSI has a hard to use process for review and approval of new licenses, it becomes a pain.  I'm assuming for arguments sake this ignores things like BSD/MIT derivatives (since those licenses are effectively templates) and focuses on more obscure licenses (e.g. Ament Public LIcense).  I do feel in the case where OSI has not ruled, it is on ASF legal to provide a ruling on behalf of a project indicating what they can/cannot do.  I think there's also enough pre-existing knowledge to give this insight based on pre-existing licenses and if there isn't enough information we have to rule on the safe side - don't do it.
Certainly, no one want a return to gobs and gobs of vanity license but
it does make sense that if there ARE licenses that may be important
to the ASF and their projects, that people ask OSI to consider these
licenses for approval.

I don't think we should have such actions as an official action by
the ASF, but if PMCs think it is important enough, and they also
agree w/ the idea that their projects should only be dependent on
OSI approved licenses, then it's an option.

And just to be clear - OSI has approved licenses that span all three of our categories - A, B and X.  This statement isn't a blank statement to do anything with any license, but still follow the categories of each license.

I would then expect that we categorize each OSI approved license ( https://opensource.org/licenses/alphabetical ) into one of our categories.  I would also expect a "pass" for the template style licenses I mentioned above.

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