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From "P. Taylor Goetz" <ptgo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re-licensing / Re-copyrighting Apache Code
Date Thu, 26 May 2016 16:56:54 GMT
I’m leaving out project details and evidence for now, but would be happy to provide more
details on legal-internal@. For now I’m just looking for opinions before taking up the task
of documenting everything.

I’ve become aware of a non-Apache OSS project that contains code from an Apache project,
that non-Apache project is Apache licensed. I’ll call the Apache project “Project A”
and the non-Apache project “Project B”.

Project A was originally EPL licensed and changed to ASLv2 as part of incubation. Project
B contains code from Project A (possibly before the move to Apache, in which case it would
have been re-licensed), with copyright notices removed and replaced with a copyright statement
from the company behind project B. Project B does not have a NOTICE file nor any mention of
the copyrights of Project A.

My understanding (IANAL) is that you really can’t do that, particularly replacing the copyright
notices of the original author with your own, as well as re-licensing.

I also understand that the ASF does not assign copyrights.

My question is should the PMC of Project A take any action, and if so what?


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