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From Carl Marcum <cmar...@apache.org>
Subject Requirements for PMC testing a library release candidate only usable from a Maven repository
Date Sun, 17 Apr 2016 11:56:12 GMT

My question is about this text on release approval:
"PMC members are required to download the signed source code package, 
compile it as provided, and test the resulting executable on their own 
platform" found here [1] and if it also applies to libraries that need 
to be downloaded from Maven.

The library is an Apache Groovy API extension that adds convenience 
methods to the Java UNO jars also on the classpath for use in Apache 
OpenOffice automation using Groovy.

The artifacts are an Apache Maven bundle (pom, compiled classes, source, 
javadoc jars, signatures, hashes, etc.) to be made available from Maven 

The release candidate was built from a release branch in SVN and staged 
in Apache Nexus.

The library functions properly when downloaded at runtime (if not 
already) along with the jar files it works with to a local Apache Ivy 
cache where the Groovy script finds and adds them to the classpath.  
This is accomplished with the Groovy @Grab annotation in a script.

Is it permissible that the functional test of the library use the 
artifact that is staged in Nexus instead of the one created by the 
building test of the signed sources on the PMC testers machine?

[1] http://www.apache.org/dev/release.html#approving-a-release

Apache OpenOffice Committer & PMC member

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