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From Carl Marcum <cmar...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Publishing java artifacts from AOO to Maven Repository with missing java files
Date Thu, 03 Dec 2015 11:00:13 GMT
On 12/03/2015 04:12 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 03/12/2015 04:04, Carl Marcum wrote:
>> I'm working on putting together a release of Maven bundles of Java
>> artifacts from OpenOffice to Apache Nexus for use in Maven based
>> applications.
>> This would be an update the the pre-Apache OpenOffice.org 3.2.1 jar
>> files published here [1]
>> These artifacts are built during a complete build of OpenOffice and a
>> couple of them are not buildable stand-alone.
>> One of the files, unoil.jar contains class files that are all created
>> from OpenOffice UNO IDL files during a complete build of OpenOffice and
>> not Java source files so no source files exist to include for a separate
>> build consistent with supplying source jars files for change rebuilding
>> along with the compiled jar files.
>> A second file ridl.jar is a mix of IDL created classes and some Java
>> source compiled.
>> For the first file with no Java source files:
>> Is it permissible to release the binary jar along with an empty source
>> jar with a NOTICE file that explains this and a link to the OpenOffice
>> source in svn or should an effort be made to decompile the generated
>> class files into java source files so they can be built stand-alone?
> The empty source JAR seems reasonable to me. The ASF does not require
> that each individual binary artefact is provided with an individual
> source artefact that can be used to build the binary artefact. As long
> as all the binary artefacts can be built from the a released src distro
> you are fine.
>> For the second file with a mix of IDL generated and java source compiled
>> files:
>> Should we include what Java source is available along with a NOTICE file
>> similar to the first or also include decompile java source as above?
> Including what source you have a NOTICE seems reasonable to me.
>> Or is it okay to require an end user that wants to modify the code to do
>> it in the complete OpenOffice source code and compile the whole office
>> to get new artifacts?
> That is perfectly reasonable. There is nothing stopping you making it
> easier than that if you want to, but there is no ASF requirement to make
> it any easier than that.
> Mark

That was the answer I was hoping for.

Thanks a lot,


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