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From Dave Brondsema <d...@brondsema.net>
Subject What to do after fixing licensing mistakes?
Date Mon, 23 Nov 2015 17:48:32 GMT
In the Allura code, we have discovered a few files that had the Apache License
header applied incorrectly.  There are a few JS, CSS and Makefiles that actually
are 3rd-party BSD or MIT licensed.  There is one JS file that is of unknown
provenance (I did find a copy of the file in a GPL google code project).  That
file is not used any more.

Of course we will fix the known files headers & LICENSE entries, and remove the
unknown file.

What besides that needs to be done?  Do we need to do anything about prior
releases that had these files?


Dave Brondsema : dave@brondsema.net
http://www.brondsema.net : personal
http://www.splike.com : programming

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