Hey all,

I'm tasked with figuring out the appropriate level of handling for the code that we migrated to Apache Serf. The amount of "work" is somewhere between "nothing" and maybe a "short form" or Software Grant.


* serf started as an Apache project, with myself and Justin Erankrantz working on it
* the ASF likes 3 or more people, so we moved it "out" of the ASF in 2003
* ALL committers to the outside project were required to file an ICLA with the ASF, if they didn't already have one
* the code has now returned to the ASF

The way I see it, because every committer had an ICLA, then it seems reasonable to assume the ASF has what it needs and nothing more needs to be done. But then again, the commit was not into the ASF's code repository.

Maybe we need a software grant?

When a project moves from (say) GitHub, with 20 committers, who files what papers?