Hi there,

I have a couple of questions about the NOTICE file. In this page:


it says that it should include the following text, suitably modified to reflect the product name and year(s) of distribution of the current and past versions of the product:
Copyright [yyyy] The Apache Software Foundation
As I understand it, it means that every year, if there is a release, the year part needs to be modified to add the new year, e.g., 2010-2015 if there is a release in 2015. How much of a problem is it if a release comes out without that year field updated? 

Also, I noticed that Hadoop omits that header altogether and has only:

This product includes software developed by The Apache Software
Foundation (http://www.apache.org/). 

I suppose they have checked before doing it, so I just wanted to confirm that it is fine that other projects do the same.