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From Carl Marcum <cmar...@apache.org>
Subject Publishing java artifacts from AOO to Maven Repository
Date Sat, 26 Sep 2015 15:29:09 GMT

I am a commiter on the Apache OpenOffice project.  I'm looking for 
guidance on publishing certain java artifacts extracted from an official 
release of OpenOffice to the Maven repository for use in other Java 
projects as dependencies.
This allows other programs to work with OpenOffice though API's.

I have approval from the AOO project to move forward but I'm not sure if 
this needs to be considered as a separate release or not.

The files in question are:  juh.jar, jurt.jar, ridl.jar, unoil.jar, 

These files are included in the current binary distribution of Apache 
OpenOffice version 4.1.1 and unpacked during installation.

Additionally the Maven repository requires the inclusion of source jars 
and javadoc jars and a pom.xml file included in the Maven bundles.

There are source zip files for most of these generated during the build 
process that are not included in the binary release that would need 
converted into jar format manually.  They are juh_src.zip, jurt_src.zip, 
ridl_src.zip, officebean_src.zip.
The javadoc jars would also need generated from the zip file contents.

Only unoil.jar has no java source files as it is generated from IDL 
files and not java source files.

The files then need PGP signed before uploaded to the repository.

Does this additional process require a separate approval/release process 
within the project since the main jar artifacts used were included in a 
approved release?

Please CC me in reply as I am not on the legal-discuss list.


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