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From Tim Williams <william...@gmail.com>
Subject on consensus, and serenity
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2015 19:53:53 GMT
I'm curious how we can work ourselves out of this nagging cycle of
Larry encouraging us to be more liberal in our licenses because we
legally can and us responding with we don't want to even if we could
legally get away with it?

By my count, four out of the previous four months have seen this same
cycle in only slightly different forms.  I'm confident a quick mail
search would find at least as many months out of the previous four
years.  And, these tend to be long (>50) threads.

I support challenging the status quo, questioning policies, etc. In
fact, I believe it makes us stronger and a good rigorous debate on
core values helps newcomers to understand the Apache Way and our
culture in a deeper way.  It's healthy community behavior and
old-timers mostly don't mind helping folks understand the "why" behind
a given policy.

However, it's not healthy to keep asking the same question, over and
over, even while receiving the same answer each time.  It's neither
fun nor fruitful. Were it a technical issue, we could reason through
it and move on much more easily.

So, I wonder how we might re-assure Larry that his voice has been
heard but also allow us not to keep reading the same argument over and
over?  I've thought perhaps a referendum membership vote (with steve)
might help? or maybe an explicit vote by the board [vs implicit by
keeping Jim around:)] or, ?


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