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From William A Rowe Jr <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject RE: Third Party FOSS licenses
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2015 16:28:00 GMT
On Aug 1, 2015 4:02 PM, "Lawrence Rosen" <lrosen@rosenlaw.com> wrote:
> Sam Ruby wrote:
> > Many people, including many with law degrees, feel that this policy is
necessary and appropriate.  This has been validated many times - not only
on this list, but on other ASF foundation lists, and on lists for other
> Please name them!  Or better still, encourage them to speak up here.
Especially the many with law degrees.
> You don't like me repeating myself. Then maybe you should let those
people express themselves instead of me hearing you over and over with the
same reply and the same hearsay partial quotes from ancient archives.

I was only peripherally present when the foundation was formed, so I was
only a bystander who concurred with the licensing policy.  I still agree
with the policy that downstream consumers of our software may incorporate
and use that software for the purpose of creating open software, closed
software, commercial or non-profit software.  Other foundations have
different policies.

You enjoy banging your drum loudly for what the ASF is legally capable of
assembling as open source software. We disagree on only some minutia (and
my perspective is based on your opinion and other lawyers in this field).
None of that matters.

You demonstrate a fundamental disrespect for downstream consumers of ASF
software who are neither users nor open source [re]distributors which puts
you at odds with the founders' expressed preference to allow any
application of our software.  Building a black box that needs to interface
to the rest of the world?  Appropriate the ASF's solution in your
endeavour.  That is a desired use case to us.

It may not be a desirable use case to you. That does not change the
foundation's strongly expressed preference. There are other software
foundations which strongly reject such use cases. Your talent might be
better applied to informing those foundations of the license compatibility
of consuming ASF works, as not all of them accept this yet.

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