is a request to include a database of 'geodetic coordinate transformations'. It's produced by oil/gas companies and its terms and conditions are here:

I had to go to to get them though as the site wasn't responding:

The license limits the use of the 'EPSG Facilities' (defined as Registry, Dataset and associated documentation) with "Distribution for profit is forbidden.". It later goes on to say, for the Dataset, that:

  "The data may be included in any commercial package provided that any commerciality is based on value added by the provider and not on a value ascribed to the EPSG Dataset which is made available at no charge. "

Additionally it has conditions regarding modification - the reasoning seems to be around what modifications can be made while still calling it EPSG Dataset.

Lastly, the Eclipse board voted to allow its inclusion, and


My proposal is that we allow the inclusion of this in Apache projects, conditioned on it not being modified.

Thoughts in favour/against?