Thanks Henri for following on. is a request to include a
database of 'geodetic coordinate transformations'. It's produced by oil/gas
companies and its terms and conditions are here:

The link is now but the content is the same.

Additionally it has conditions regarding modification - the reasoning seems
to be around what modifications can be made while still calling it EPSG

This restriction seems similar to Apache 2.0 conditions, in my understanding of the "May I call my modified code 'Apache'" entry in the FAQ. The difference is that, as an extra flexibility, EPSG terms of use authorizes the modified products to keep the "EPSG" name if the modifications comply to their conditions.

My proposal is that we allow the inclusion of this in Apache projects,
conditioned on it not being modified.

We may amend the above proposal with the condition that, if the user modify the database, he must change the EPSG name to something else.