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We all here probably understand by now that what I'm proposing is different from the way that ASF previously operated. But this new policy would allow Apache projects to aggregate any FOSS software whenever they need it.


Wouldn't anyone here benefit from that even though they would have to reciprocate for some of their derivative works?


I don't think those here represent all of the projects. With a project hat on, the hypothetical idea of such code being in the code I've mainly worked on (Commons libraries), makes me feel I'd have to go into hiding. That's a lot of Android apps (for example), that will be shocked to discover (due to lack of reading of NOTICE files) that they are now a derivative work of a work under a reciprocity-based license. I'm sure there are examples that would like such a policy.

JIRA tickets (past, but also new ones being opened), and to a lesser extent the archives for this list, are where you would find such examples.

I very much liked your concluding paragraphs (although I reserve comments about the word "dependencies") and I repeat them here:

Noting that I also liked Bill's concluding paragraph :)