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From Roy Fielding <field...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: LICENSE vs. NOTICE (Was: Proposal: Apache Third Party License Policy)
Date Mon, 18 May 2015 17:22:48 GMT

> On May 18, 2015, at 8:21 AM, Lawrence Rosen <lrosen@rosenlaw.com> wrote:
> Sebb says he relies on this: http://www.apache.org/dev/licensing-howto.html#mod-notice.
> Perhaps we should instead rely on this:
> *****************
> Contents of the NOTICE File
> The NOTICE file that accompanies every formal distribution of software by an Apache project
identifies each third-party component in that software and the open source or Creative Commons
license under which that component is available to the public.


> The following information, if available, will also be included in the NOTICE file:
> * Copyright notices supplied by the licensor(s) of any part of the software. Apache project
teams may elect to remove individual copyright notices that detract from the "community" ethos
of the project, but individual copyrights will still be protected by a legally-effective and
encompassing copyright notice such as "Copyright (C) 2015 The Apache Software Foundation."


> * Patent notices identifying specific patents or patent claims that may read on the software.
Contributors and all project team members are expected to disclose any patent claims of which
they are aware. In the event that possible patent claims may be confidential, the contributor
must disclose enough about them to alert the public about possible future encumbrances. 

Don't be ridiculous.  It is not possible to determine what a patent might read on without
a full copy of the patent history and a lawyer to decipher it.  Even the authors of patents
don't know that much.  We sure as hell aren't going to propagate other people's opinions
about unknown and unsearched patents for which we have no obligation to disclose.

> * Identification of industry standards implemented by the software. 


> * Apache projects and contributors may also include acknowledgement and attribution to
individuals, companies or other organizations for significant portions of the software or
its documentation, or who contributed in other ways to the project as a whole.

Only when such attribution is required by their license.  Normal ACKs are in README.

> * Other important notices that the Apache project team or its contributors want to share
with the downstream users of that software.

No.  This is well trodden ground.  The NOTICE file fits a specific purpose for notices
required to be carried in downstream redistributions, contains only what is required,
and can be trimmed when the attributions are no longer relevant.


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