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From Kevan Miller <kevan.mil...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Incubator-streams social networking service test data
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2015 19:59:27 GMT
On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 9:38 AM, Steve Blackmon <sblackmon@apache.org>

> Good afternoon,
> During a recent IPMC release vote, it was recommended that the project
> seek guidance from this group.
> Release Vote Thread:
> http://markmail.org/message/p2jislr5tqtx24ij
> At the core of the issue is whether the project can and/or should package
> test data sourced from commercial data providers without explicit
> permission from the data provider or from the individuals who may have
> authored the content or been mentioned within the content.

What is the license of the data? Or what is the terms of service for use of
the web site? Answers to those questions should make the answer to your
question simple.

The fact that the data providers are "commercial" is irrelevant. If the
data is provided under licenses which are acceptable to the ASF (see
http://www.apache.org/legal/resolved.html ). Then you should be good to go.
Just be sure you comply to the requirements of the licenses.

If the license is not acceptable to the ASF or the terms of service for the
web site do not permit redistribution of their content, then you have have
a problem.

> Why does the project wants to do this?  By running unit and integration
> tests over real-world data, we gain higher assurance that the project's
> modules will work consistently as designed against these feeds in the wild.


> Pending a resolution, we've taken the interim step of removing all such
> content from the project master branch.  The 0.1-incubating source release
> did contain the test data in question, so any required follow-up actions
> vis-a-vis that release should also be addressed.


> I believe there is a valid argument that some content should be permitted
> as packaged test data without the burden of seeking permission - for
> example posts made from official Apache accounts could be argued to belong
> to Apache, and thus Apache should be allowed to licensed and redistributed
> that content as it sees fit.

Nope. Either you have the right to redistribute the data or you do not.
Assuming you can redistribute, it's then a question of the license of the
content. It's your responsibility that you *understand* and *comply* with
the terms under which the data is published. Once you do this, you'll
understand if you need to ask permission or not, etc.

Apache's web site is licensed under AL v2 (look at the bottom of some
page). So, there's your answer for Apache. You need to answer this question
(and take appropriate action) for each of your content providers.

> However, we understand and respect that the decision of what is or isn't
> ok belongs to the Foundation's leadership, and the project will comply with
> any such decisions.

If you want more help, you'll need to break this question down into
specifics. We have data from foo. Here are the terms of service (or
license) of the data. Can we redistribute?


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