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From Joe Witt <joe.w...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: CCLA executed (Follow-Up)
Date Thu, 01 Jan 2015 17:35:07 GMT

I am responding with my Apache NiFi ppmc hat on and will be addressing this
thread solely with that perspective.  To speak outside of that scope would
be inappropriate and am I not authorized to do so.

Bottom line: We would like to satisfy any valid concerns you have quickly
and sufficiently.

Our focus is on building a healthy and mature community around the Apache
NiFi project following the Apache Way.

Your comments indicate that you want:
- Recognition for Onyx Consulting Services as a contributor.
- Specific individuals to have 'committer status'

With regard to 'Recognition for Onyx Consulting Services':
The documents you're referring to have not been released.  And, as is
publicly available the user guide we do have in Apache NIFi is an original
work of the Apache NiFi team (created in the last week actually) and does
not reflect co-authorship with any entity outside the Apache NiFi team.

However, there is no benefit to anyone nor is there any interest in
marginalizing or denying your company - or anyone else - any due
recognition.  The question I think is what mechanism would satisfy your
concerns for acknowledgement that is consistent with the appropriate ASF
procedures.  Some ideas I can think of:

- Update the NOTICE file of the project to call out 'Onyx Consulting
Services' as having contributed documentation ideas and bug fixes.
- Update the website to acknowledge contributions of 'Onyx Consulting
Services' as having contributed documentation ideas and bug fixes.

I've seen both of these approaches on other Apache projects as part of an
acknowledgement to the community at large.

There are no pros or cons for the Apache NiFi project that I am aware of
for either of those.  There is a benefit for Onyx in receiving recognition
should it view such acknowledgement as positive for its company.

Now to the other side of this which is receiving ' Committer Status ' for
Apache NiFi.  This is very different from 'receiving acknowledgement of
ever contributing in any way'.

The initial committer list as provided in the proposal is not an exhaustive
list of 'those who have ever contributed in any form'.  The initial
committer list for the proposal and code submission was and is accurate and
was based on those for which a contractual or salaried relationship existed
to advance Apache NiFi specifically - OR - they publicly expressed a desire
to participate during the time that the ASF Incubator was discussing and
voting on the proposal.

All that did was establish the 'initial committers list'.  That does not
exclude anyone from obtaining committer status going forward regardless of
whether they had any past history with the project or are new.

For your awareness, others are already in the exact same position you are
asserting to be in.  They have made past contributions and wish to continue
to contribute.  However, they have not yet obtained 'committer status'.
Fortunately, like anyone else they can follow the process to earn committer
status which is well documented and common in the ASF.  It is in fact our
projects top job right now - grow the community.

The committer list going forward can grow and shrink at anytime as per
normal ASF procedures.

For one person you listed in this thread, 'Jenn Barnabee', the process for
obtaining committer status has already begun.

As of yesterday and as can be seen publicly on the apache nifi dev mailing
list, Jenn's ICLA has been recognized now and she did send an e-mail
indicating she wants to contribute. She has received instructions on what
to do next.  She is well on her way and we're excited to have her help.  As
one of our mentors noted, tech writers are 'worth their digital weight in
gold' so I am hopeful that she will quickly achieve committer status and
beyond through the normal PPMC voting procedures.

For any individual wishing to achieve committer status it is a function of
their own contributions.  The Apache Way - rooted in meritocracy - is the
road to follow.

You have also listed Dan Bress.  He has not expressed any public interest
in joining Apache NiFi that I am aware of.  However, should he choose to do
so that would be excellent.  He is a fantastic developer.  You have the
CCLA on file for him so your company part there is done as I understand
it.  I have not seen confirmation of his ICLA though.  As soon as he
reaches committer status should he choose to pursue he would be listed as
would his affiliation with Onyx if desired.  He can submit patches, ideas,
and so on.  All of which with attribution to Onyx.

Please do advise if any of the above proposed options satisfy your concerns.


On Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 9:27 AM, zaminah_williams <zwilliams@onyxconsults.com
> wrote:

> Benson, Apache,
> I appreciate your feedback and I understand. However I'd like to emphasis
> that Onyx Consulting Services is and has always been a part of the smaller
> core group that was formed for the incubation effort, which is why we were
> engaged from the beginning. We have documentation requesting our attendance
> and participation on this effort. Each of the committers listed in some
> form has collaborated and worked alongside my personnel in support of the
> Apache NiFi Software release. I understand that Apache has no formal policy
> that requires historical authors to be listed as initial committers, but
> what is evident is that of all of the core members that were willing to
> participate, Onyx Consulting Services was the only member excluded after
> being engaged in already having participated. I understand that it is
> typical for people who plan to participate in the project to submit ICLA or
> CCLA documents to smooth their eventual inclusion, which we did submit on
> November 18th. We had a list of outstanding questions to better understand
> how our participation in this effort effected our prime contract and we
> didn't receive answers. This is why the CCLA was not submitted on September
> 25th when we were initially approached to sign and submit. We didn't expect
> that this would result in our eventual exclusion. We have documentation
> from Onyx members that were a part of the core team stating their concerns
> about being excluded from further participation because of our contractual
> questions. We are simply requesting that our extensive efforts and
> contributions spanning December 2013-September 2014 as original core team
> members receive proper attribution, and that we are not excluded because we
> had questions and concerns. We are willing to provide any documentation
> needed to substantiate our involvement as core team members if you have any
> concerns or doubts.
> Zaminah D. Williams
> President/CEO
> Onyx Consulting Services, LLC
> (410) 814-7651 office
> (301) 467-6680 cell
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> From: Benson Margulies [mailto:bimargulies@gmail.com]
> Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2015 8:05 AM
> To: zaminah_williams
> Cc: Joe Witt; legal-discuss@apache.org; secretary@apache.org;
> legal@onyxconsults.com; Teresa Jackson; Apache Incubator PMC;
> private@nifi.apache.org
> Subject: Re: CCLA executed (Follow-Up)
> Zaminah,
> I write as one of the mentors of the NiFi project.
> In the normal course of events, people who offer contributions will be
> voted in as committers. It is typical for projects to start with a smaller
> core group and grow; there is no Apache policy that requires that all
> historical authors be listed as initial committers, only that the
> Foundation receive a legally adequate license grant to the code.
> In this case, the Government represented that it has comprehensive rights
> to grant the license. It is also typical for people who plan to participate
> in the project to submit ICLA or CCLA documents to smooth their eventual
> inclusion. The process of growing the community is a very important part of
> the incubation process, so, in fact, it's very helpful for the community to
> begin with a bit of a backlog of folks who are all fired up to contribute
> and get added.
> Best Regards,
> Benson Margulies
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