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From Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com>
Subject LICENSE, NOTICE and bundling Hunspell Diciionaries
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2014 17:11:02 GMT

I'm back with a new thread about Hunspell.  The old thread was about a
Flex release that required the user to download dictionaries.  This thread
is about how we need to change LICENSE and/or NOTICE to actually bundle
the dictionaries in the next source release.

There are two dictionaries with a "BSD/MIT-like" license that we want to
bundle.  The entire copyright/license is in a README file that is part of
the zip package containing the dictionary.  Here's a link to the README.


One PMC member interprets the how-to as indicating that the correct
treatment is to add the "top-level" portion of the license and copyright
to our LICENSE file as follows:

   The dictionaries found in dictionaries directory are licensed under
   a BSD / MIT like license and are Copyright 2000-2014 by Kevin Atkinson.
   For a complete details of the LICENSE please see the README in the en_GB
   and en_US directories.

  Copyright 2000-2014 by Kevin Atkinson

  Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute and sell these word
  lists, the associated scripts, the output created from the scripts,
  and its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee,
  provided that the above copyright notice appears in all copies and
  that both that copyright notice and this permission notice appear in
  supporting documentation. Kevin Atkinson makes no representations
  about the suitability of this array for any purpose. It is provided
  "as is" without express or implied warranty.

My interpretation is that the copyright notice is not needed or might be
needed in NOTICE depending on whether including the README file in the
bundle is considered "supporting documentation", and all we need in
LICENSE is the following (where README_en_US.txt is the same text as the
README link).  Or does it matter which way we go?

This product bundles the SCOWL (and friends) Hunspell dictionaries for
en_US and en_CA, which is available under a
"BSD/MIT-like" license.  For details, see
dictionaries/en_US/README_en_US.txt and/or

Thanks in advance,

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