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From Mark Thomas <ma...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Unsubscribe compliance @ apache.org
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2014 20:47:27 GMT
On 25/09/2014 21:13, Andy Kurth wrote:
> Mr. Truesdale,
> I have unsubscribed the address gary.truesdale@hp.com from the
> dev@vcl.apache.org list.
> If you find that you regret leaving the list and participating as a
> member of our community, you can always resubscribe by simply sending an
> email message to dev-subscribe@vcl.apache.org.
> And then if you rethink things and decide the list just isn't for you,
> simply send an email message to dev-unsubscribe@vcl.apache.org.

I suspect a poorly configured out-of-office auto-reply is at the root of
this. That combined with some spam that uses a forged sender's address
that matches one of our lists is usually enough to trigger this sort of

The simple fix would be to simply follow the unsubscribe instructions at
the bottom of every e-mail although I can understand folks being
reluctant to do that for something that they think is spam.

I do wonder why folks can't find the unsubscribe instructions. It took
me about 5 seconds to find the relevant information. I guess it helps
that I know what I am looking for.

I'll do a check of all our other lists to make sure they aren't
subscribed anywhere else and I'll check Jira too.

In terms of the FCC complaint, I'm not worried. The original
subscription must have been confirmed by the user and we have the logs
to show when that was. If that was caused by the user's poor choice of
out-of-office settings (why anyone would send an ooo auto-reply outside
of their own organisation given the volume of spam these days is beyond
me but that is a topic for another venue) then that is the user's
problem, not ours. Additionally, all our list messages include
unsubscribe info.


> Kindest Regards,
> Andy Kurth
> On 9/25/2014 2:03 PM, Truesdale, Gary wrote:
>> I have scoured your site for unsubscribe for over a year.  I have sent
>> dozens of
>> emails requesting unsubscribe assistance, and instructions and have
>> not received
>> any reply.  I have hundreds of emails per day in my inbox from
>> apache.org,
>> Jira@apache.org, Aaron Peeler, Josh Thompson and I need it to stop now.
>> Please remove me from your site, remove my login, and do not send me any
>> additional emails.  It’s really unfortunate that you are not more
>> considerate in
>> your email blasting.
>> The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 requires unsubscribe in every email you
>> send.  You are
>> in clear violation of this requirement.
>> I’ve  filed a formal report with the FCC.
>> _FCC Submission Confirmation:_1088G
>> Acknowledgement of Submission from Gary Truesdale on 09/25/2014,
>> reference
>> number 14-T01494592.
>> Thank you for your information. The FCC will contact you if additional
>> information is required. Please keep this information for future
>> reference.
>> Unsubscribe compliance
>>   * A visible and operable unsubscribe mechanism is present in all
>> emails.
>> Federal rules require the following for commercial email sent to your
>> mobile phone:
>>   * Identification – The email must be clearly identified as a
>> solicitation or
>>     advertisement for products or services;
>>   * Opt-Out – The email must provide easily-accessible, legitimate,
>> and free
>>     ways for you to reject future messages from that sender;
>>   * Return Address – The email must contain legitimate return email
>> addresses,
>>     as well as the sender’s postal address.
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> cid:image001.gif@01C9F97E.3AEAED40 <blocked::http://www.hp.com/>
>> *Gary Truesdale P.E.*
>> Account Manager
>> State and Local Government, EducationHewlett-Packard Company
>> phone: 310.658.0922
>> fax: 310.975.6836
>> gary.truesdale@hp.com <mailto:gary.truesdale@hp.com>
>> *Michelle Muncy**
>> *Inside Account Representative
>> Michelle.Muncy@hp.com <mailto:Michelle.Muncy@hp.com>
>> T 1-800-277-8988 x7718681
>> Hewlett-Packard Company
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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To unsubscribe, e-mail: legal-discuss-unsubscribe@apache.org
For additional commands, e-mail: legal-discuss-help@apache.org

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