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From Jim Jagielski <...@jaguNET.com>
Subject Re: Continuous release review
Date Fri, 30 May 2014 14:19:25 GMT

On May 30, 2014, at 9:52 AM, Stephen Connolly <stephen.alan.connolly@gmail.com> wrote:
> The social reasons pressure us to download the archive and check that it builds and check
that any included tests pass and check some relevant smoke tests.
> From my PoV - as a PMC chair [1] - the legal requirements are what matter to most to
me, as I am responsible for compliance with the legal requirements... 
> The social requirements are something that can and should be easily replaced by a CI

Although I agree w/ the statement regarding the legal aspects,
the PMC itself must be responsible for the social aspects
(dare I say "requirements") of how the project is being run.
And if the PMC chair sees the PMC operating in an
way, socially, which is against the patterns which encompass
how Apache projects should be run, it is his/her responsibility
to steer the PMC back to the "right way".

And if the PMC chair is unable to do so, then he/she are
encouraged to contact the board and let them take care of

Recall: The legal requirements are so we don't get sued, or, if
we do, we don't lose. The social requirements are so the
project and community grows, thrives and survives. Both
are important. And agreeing to be a PMC members means that
one understands these responsibilities and agrees to abide
by them. It's not just a badge that one can put on their CV.
If that's all PMC membership (or even ASF membership) means
to someone, I suggest they reconsider accepting such

And no, I'm not suggesting that this applies to anyone
active on this thread: I'm just making the statement for
clarity and completeness.
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