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From Brian LeRoux...@brian.io>
Subject Re: Release Policy
Date Thu, 22 May 2014 21:18:39 GMT
"But the point already got covered and answered dozens of times imo. The
answer is that the ALv2 protects the foundation and also the release
manager already for all bona fides cases. End of story."

Interesting for myself to note that it was communicated very directly to
Cordova that this *was not* the case. Votes are a necessary component for a
valid (aka legal) release. Also interesting for me to discover in this
thread that the release policy is not adhered to by all ASF projects. We
were lead to believe the rules are immutable, all projects obey them. End
of story.

I am dismayed to discover this is not the case and Cordova was singled out.

However, clarity here is a great starting to amending the rules, and I
recognize this effort is not forum for that. My perspective: the vote is a
SHOULD and most certainly SHA verifciation SHOULD be the job of a computer
(aka CI system) and not a human and I am very happy to hear there is
precedent for this with other projects.


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