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From Martin Desruisseaux <desruisse...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Licensing: exception for allowing Apache SIS to bundle EPSG data?
Date Fri, 25 Apr 2014 20:11:53 GMT
Hello Kevan

Sorry for the delayed reply - this was a SMTP issue.

Le 16/04/14 17:34, Kevan Miller a écrit :
> Correct me if I'm wrong -- 6.6 means I can change the data, but only
> using the techniques described in the table. If I want to change the
> data in some other way, I cannot (without violating the terms of use).

In my understanding, it is a matter of "EPSG" name usage: if I want to change the data is
some other way, I shall not use the "EPSG:####" code for the modified data.

More specifically, clause 6.6 restricts the changes that we can apply to the definitions associated
to EPSG codes. For example I can not change the definition of "EPSG:4326", except using the
techniques described in the table. But I can (in my understanding) copy some definitions in
my own namespace, e.g. "40000", and apply modifications there as long as I do not attribute
those changes to EPSG.

Indeed, the EPSG guide said "Users who wish to augment the EPSG data with their own information
should utilise codes greater than 32767. This will prevent conflict with future additions
to the EPSG Dataset" [1]. The Unicode standard does something similar: it defines a Private
Use Areas in the [U+E000 ... U+F8FF] code range where anyone can put his own stuff. But it
would not be good practice to change the meaning of U+0041 (defined as 'A' by the Unicode

Admittedly, it is not clear if our "own information" can be derivative of EPSG information.
From my talks with EPSG peoples, I think that their intend is only to protect the EPSG namespace
integrity, not to prevent modified copy in user's own namespace. Should I send an email to
the EPSG chair for clarification?

> 6.3 means that I cannot strip off Apache SIS and sell the EPSG data.
> Those are restrictions (on top of ALv2) which you would have to add to
> Apache SIS. Agreed?

Yes. All EPSG data bundled in Apache SIS would be grouped in a single directory, so the restriction
would be something like "Content of directory 'XXX' can not be sell alone".

> How is that more lax than ALv2?

My comment about being more relax than ALv2 was for clause 6.6 rather than 6.3. The Apache
license does not allow usage of "Apache" name for modified software, while EPSG allows usage
of "EPSG" name (or at least their code space) for modified data if the modifications do not
exceed the changes listed in the table.


[1] http://www.epsg.org/guides/docs/G7-1.pdf section 5.9.1.

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