"Lawrence Rosen" <lrosen@rosenlaw.com> wrote on 12/09/2013 04:26:13 PM:
> Jeff Thompson responded:
> > I don't see any quotes, so I take that as an indication that you
> > had misunderstood this discussion and you have no actual support for
> > your previous allegations.  Can we please keep this discussion at
> > least tangentially related to the matter at hand?

> I seem to recall you saying earlier in this long thread that IBM
> does not need to pass along the Apache license for copies and
> derivative works of ASF software that you distribute.

    Seeming to recall things is no justification.  There is no way that we can determine whether I was inartful in one of my statements or you misunderstood something that I wrote if you continue to be vague and unclear.  Either quote a statement that you think supports your allegations or stop making them.

Counsel, IBM Software Group