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From Chris Demwell <cdemw...@gmail.com>
Subject Apache POI project using unlicensed test data
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 16:41:07 GMT

The Apache POI project (http://poi.apache.org/ ) is a Java API for
Microsoft Documents. It uses a number of files for testing that I deduce
were acquired by scraping the internet for files without due concern for
licensing. I can tell, because one of my presentations is being republished
in their SVN without permission* and by virtue of this claims copyright
over it. No note is made in the NOTICE file about its provenance. I suspect
this is true of many if not most of the test files, which is why I'm making
a fuss about it. With a lack of information on the ASF site about "what to
do if your IP has been included without your permission", I have turned to
emailing this list for guidance.

The kicker of it is that this file was produced with OpenOffice.org, not a
Microsoft product, so it's not even a very good test file!

What should I do about this? Why is this project including files wholesale
into its SVN? What to do about *that*?


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