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From Robin Byron <rbyro...@yahoo.com>
Subject Fonts and the Apache License Version 2
Date Sun, 22 Dec 2013 13:12:22 GMT
I believe that the "Foundation Legal Discussion Mailing List" at legal-discuss@apache.org is
a forum for questions (even FAQs) that have a legal aspect to them with regard to the Apache
License version 2, so I'll make a few observations and ask a few questions. 

I notice that the "Frequent Questions about Apache Licensing" site at 


does not have any FAQ information about fonts. There are many fonts licensed with the Apache
License version 2. For example, the "Roboto" font. How does the Apache License version 2 apply
to the usage of fonts? What happens if fonts are embedded in a document (like a PDF file)?
How does the license apply to fonts converted into a scalable vector graphics (SVG) file?
How does the license apply to a font printed in a document, etc?What restrictions are there
and what is needed for distribution?

I noticed that similar questions for discussion have been asked and not yet answered. Please

Apache License 2.0 applied to Fonts

Please include detailed information about fonts in the "Frequent Questions about Apache Licensing"

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