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From Alura Kanteen <alura.kant...@gmail.com>
Subject Apache license - questions
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2013 18:53:36 GMT

I'm working as a developer for video games on mobile devices. I've read
your license attached but I wanted to make sure I can use this license in
my video game. Here are my questions:

   1. Do I have the right to embed the font in a software ?
   2. Do I have the right to sell the software with the embedded font
   (commercial use) ?
   3. Does this license allow promotional purposes ?
   4. Does the section 2 (prepare derivative works) allow me to modify the
   font ?
   5. What does section 4 mean by redistribution. Does it allow the
   Licensee to sell the License ?
   6. In section 7 of the license, you do not guarantee the
   non-infringement. What does it mean ? Does the Licensor is the owner of the
   rights on the license and guarantees he has the right to transfer it to the
   Licensee (us)?
   7. We will require a perpetual License, worldwide and for all platforms.
   Could you please confirm it's ok ?
   8. Is there any copyright notice we have to include ?

I would really appreciate an answer as soon as possible,

Here's my email: alura.kanteen@gmail.com
Best regards,


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