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From Donal Lafferty <donal.laffe...@citrix.com>
Subject Licensing for zlib and bzip2 compression libraries on Windows
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2013 15:45:52 GMT
The makers of bzip2 and zlib have posted NuGet packages at http://nuget.org/packages/bzip2/
and http://nuget.org/packages/zlib/ respectively.  The packages bring their functionality
to developers on Windows using the .NET Framework and C#.

However, each library has its own licensing terms.  I.e. they do not use a broad license such
as Apache License Version 2.0.  The precise licensing terms are given the following links
 https://raw.github.com/coapp-packages/bzip2/master/LICENSE and http://zlib.net/zlib_license.html

Have these terms already been approved by Apache Software Foundation?

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