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From Kevan Miller <kevan.mil...@gmail.com>
Subject What constitutes a source release?
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2013 13:54:03 GMT
I'm moving a "discussion" from LEGAL-163 (https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LEGAL-163)
to the mailing list. 

In the Jira, Henri wrote:

> So to paraphrase, (facetiously :) ):
> * A Java project that stores junit.jar in lib/, cannot include that in the foo-src.tar.gz
but instead has to either tell the user to download it manually or setup a magic download
that the user is only vaguely aware of (pom.xml for example).
> * A project cannot include images, but has to provide the 'source' for those images.
> I can see there being an idealistic argument made that all parts of the source tarball
must be built from source (which would be a shock to the system for Java projects), and I
can see media artifacts being treated differently. I can also see category A, B and X all
having dependencies that are optional and put manually in place by the users. 
> I can't see, though, that there is any difference between a source tarball that contains
a binary dependency and a source tarball that provides a build script that magically downloads
binaries behind the scenes.


So, I think we're agreed that there certain "binary" formatted files (e.g. media files) which
can be treated as "source". And from my naive background, I probably would have placed fonts
into that category (and since the font file is extremely unlikely to be changed, I'd have
allowed under the category B exclusion). But that's not really germane 

I agree that building some of our Java projects entirely from scratch is an extremely difficult
undertaking. I have known companies/projects that have done this for Geronimo.

We may be splitting hairs, but including Java class/jar files or .o files, .exe files in a
*source* release does not meet my definition of open source.

FYI, found the following discussion in Incubator -- http://s.apache.org/rk5

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