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From Diana Andrews <novaandroiddiane...@gmail.com>
Subject My copyright
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 02:18:27 GMT
My copyright penname Shannon Andrews is just for use 2006-2010.
I just wanted to make sure about these people using my ethics out of hate
just cannot use my copyright for any business presentation for some money
amount for some arguement I dont deserve.
    That is.not fair of people taking advantage of me while I am of out of
college and quite the nasty extortion plot.A very rotten alibi to use that
sort of violent tactic.
      I just wrote for Street Roots for advocacy reasons,and for public
morale considering the main idea was ideas for advocacy, legal reform
issues,small articles concerning current events of Portland Oregon.
     These people who are just there to destroy my character and my
attributes really need to go to jail for some Domestic violence problem
they have with the police.i am not the only staff writer that has problems
with people who need to stay in jail.
      Diana j.Andrews

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