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From Juergen Schmidt <jogischm...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: MPLv2 on AL2 header review ...
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 15:15:05 GMT
On 5/29/12 4:19 PM, Benson Margulies wrote:
> I'm going to join this thread for my own education. I think I see a
> core point of discussion here, but I may be off base.
> So, we have this large body of source files, with copyright scattered
> all over creation, distributed under the ALv2.
> You are planning to make some relatively small changes to these files,
> and are posing questions about the licensing, copyright, and IP status
> of the results.
> I suspect, based on your email, that you are thinking about this in
> terms of creating derived works of the original source, claiming
> copyright on the derived work, and then licensing the derived work
> using a weak copyleft.
> Roy's email, I think, disputes the notion that these initial
> mechanical changes actually create derived works. His email focussed
> on the copyright and license of *the modifications*, not the whole
> thing. Of course, I may just be confused.
> To claim copyright, an individual, identified, human being has to do
> work that meets the criteria for copyright, and then that human being
> can in turn assign his or her rights to some corporate entity. Roy's
> email encourages you to mark up the actual, concrete, changes.

that was my understanding as well. And I am still wondering how it would 
be for files where the main changes are of cosmetic nature (e.g. 
removing newlines, spaces, removing German comments etc.).

And what exactly do you plan or want to do. Do you want to rebase to our 
AOO3.4 codebase and apply your changes again or do you simply ask for 
permission too exchange the header only?

Please be more concrete what exactly you want that we can understand it 


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