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From Marvin Humphrey <mar...@rectangular.com>
Subject Re: Github pull requests vs JIRA checkbox
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 10:45:44 GMT
On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 2:03 AM, Martijn Dashorst
<martijn.dashorst@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've searched the archives and couldn't find an answer to a question that is
> asked in our community (and others I presume):
>    Are github.com pull requests an approved equivalent of the JIRA
>    checkbox [+patch] in stating that the contribution is intended for
>    inclusion?

The guiding principle seems to be that we need to capture and archive a clear
expression of the contributor's intent within channels that *we* control.  That
expression can take many forms.

> Can someone from the legal committee please provide clarity in these
> situations?

I'm not on the legal committee, but I can quote Roy:


    Apache projects are not required to use Jira.  Contributions can
    be contributed using any of our communication forums and they are
    considered to be under the Apache License 2.0.  If the author happens
    to have a CLA on file, then the CLA overrides the normal contribution
    license automatically -- there is no need to check that.


    Yes, that opinion comes from me speaking as a board member and
    author of the Apache License, and has previously been cleared
    with Apache's legal team for a long ago discussion with Incubator.
    We don't need a CLA on file to accept contributions from non-committers.
    We just need a clear intent by the author to contribute under
    our normal terms.


    We have archives on all of our communication channels.  We don't
    need the silly checkbox.  We never have.


    > The entire motivation for having these
    > checks is to maintain the provenance for contributions without
    > requiring that every patch moves through JIRA.

    Again, there is no such requirement for commits/pushes at Apache.
    The person responsible for moving the bits into our repository
    is responsible for verifying that they have the right to do so
    before the push is made.  The authors do not need to have a CLA
    on file even if the contribution is massive -- CLAs are only
    required for the people who want an account at Apache and thus
    are allowed to make the decision to push those bits into our


Marvin Humphrey

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