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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <wr...@rowe-clan.net>
Subject Re: [RE-VOTE #3] adoption of mod_combine subproject
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 06:07:50 GMT
>From the Apache HTTP Server project;

On the combined topics of mod_firehose, mod_policy and mod_combine;

Declaring the vote on #3 failed (both originally, and the revote).  RE-VOTE
#1 and #2 for firehose and policy modules (respectively) each have passed, for
adoption into httpd trunk.  (Backport is a separate and additional matter.)
Firehose is already in httpd trunk, and policy awaits its import by minfrin.

Thank you for presenting these works to the project for consideration, Graham!

Now to resolve any last VP Legal concerns to get those first two modules
adopted without a theater of the absurd IP Intake Procedural hurdle.  Fielding
had previously cleared that the entire ridiculous process was unnecessary and
the httpd project continues to choose not to observe it, pending any legitimate
illustration of its efficacy or benefit.

(Would you like your air conditioning unit fixed, there?  Would ya?  You might
have a clog in your IP Intake Hose.  Central Services would be most displeased
if we muck around with it, ya know.  Must keep this hush hush... hand me that

CC'ing VP Legal by way of legal-discuss, to ask one final time for hizzoner's
conclusion to https://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=52322 - The
httpd project considers the matter resolved, barring any legitimate objection
from our legal expertise (per prior communiques) before month's end.

Thanks all at httpd who voted on these three new modules, thanks Graham with
the cooperation of Simon and the BBC for their submission (oooh... the irony!!!),
and thank you in advance VP, Legal of the ASF for your considered recommendation
on the matter of procedural handling of the intake on this intellectual property.

Yours sincerely,

Bill [not Tuttle] Rowe
Former VP, Apache HTTP Server Project

[Do hope you all enjoy the allegory, God love Terry Gilliam!]

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