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From Isabel Drost <isa...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Public list of signed CCLAs?
Date Tue, 04 Oct 2011 20:18:04 GMT
On 04.10.2011 Shane Curcuru wrote:
> +1 if anyone wants to politely ask for an opt-in list to factually
> recognize corporations with current committers who have signed CCLAs.

Happy to ask any companies where I know employees. Prepared the following text - 
feel free to improve, shorten/ extend:

| Hi *,
| in a recent discussion at Apache we got the question whether there is a public
| list of companies that have signed CCLA's on file at Apache. Turns out there
| is no list we can publicly share. As a result we decided to approach those
| companies that have a signed CCLA on file to give us an "ok" to publish - or
| even a brief testimonial as to the reasons of signing the CCLA.

| I think supporting the ASF by giving your developers time to work on Apache
| projects during working hours is a great way to promote open source
| engagement. Publishing this information on our side gets you added visibility
| among developers and users of projects of the Apache Software Foundation and
| quite possibly helps attract new high-potential developers for your software
| development teams.

| Would be great if we could add you to our public CCLA signers list, would be
| awesome if you could add even just a brief testimonial as to your reasons for
| putting paid developers to work on Apache projects and sign the document.

| Looking forward to hearing back from you,
| Isabel

Happy to share any responses or put them online whereever you see fit.


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